It’s kinda like.. you’re trying to orchestrate or compose something. Something… much bigger, actually. With the words. With the rhythm, or at least my sort of rhythm. It’s.. probably a lot more organised on the page when read with a little patience and focus than it is when I throw it all atop the page. But that’s the orchestration part, I suppose. I mean, it takes a while to take shape, and then, it loses its vision again. And then, well.. you get going another time. It’s definitely a process and seeing as words were made up in the first place, it feels legitimate for me to steer them in as many brand new directions as possible. That’s going to be a little bit.. hard to stomach for a reader, and inevitably you do end up being that writer who turns out almost impossible to read. But at least I know it makes utter sense, and if anyone needed to know such a thing then I could easily show them. It’s just words and rhyme and rhythm and a shot-in-the-dark attempt at creating brand new characters. It’s all for me leading up to something more, shall we say… compact. Like a book. A big bloody book!! I dunno. The idea of a book also kinda turns my stomach- as though that’s old hat and aged by now. Even hidden away from people. Plus, most of even the ‘best’ books out there end up in libraries with no one ever even getting to read them again. So, yeah, maybe a widespread readership via a book isn’t the way. Maybe it’s fine that the people who wish to read have to get up off their ass and look for it. Well, actually, that’s not necessarily true at all actually. Sure it’s on my website, so really it’s no trouble at all.

It’s right here – bleeding and BLEATING at a pace of precious overexposure 🤦‍♂️