That would definitely be a part of the whole aim for me with the scribbles going forward; to create something suitable for the stage; to create a sense and style of scribbles that can even maybe be used in its own right so far. To bring some kind of a.. theatrical reckoning together. Musical? Maybe, even though I do tend to find it a very strange and rather jarring medium of theatre. . But I do know that that’s exactly where the necessity on my part to maybe even create a relatively new approach to theatrical writing and directing will come into play and at pace. That’s always on my mind, even when I think.. ah I reckon I’m all dried up with the scribbles now.. TICK, TICK, BOOM!!! It starts all over again 😊 And a part of me does also think that maybe, but certainly not while I am still dealing with the ocd, that part of me, that entire effed-up experience may just have to play a part of its own. It’s probably only right that it can eventually be shown for its full-blown nature and in front of a wide awake audience. Also, of course, for those nearest and dearest to me to try and let them to understand it on a visual level. Because there does come a stage when you really hope that they can understand more wholly just how little of it you wanted to be a part of and how it utterly stood in the way of things. Surely that’s only normal when people question it every day, even though to be where I am at is literally a bit of a miracle. So, yeah. The creative process is paramount for me, and absolutely key to getting everything back times a thousand, but I also do know that that needs to he worked for. But as I said, I’d work all of the hours under the sun and moon so long as I’m good