There is literally nothing left, but for the greatest crawl back to being normal in a mental instance
That’s ocd. All of it. All the time and all the way through from as young as I can remember to now – forty years old this coming February. It’s… a trust of the brain and mind, too, even though for an ocd sufferer it actually cannot in fact be trusted. That very same brain. Yup. You… know it’s a mental-illness but you also cannot trust yourself and your UTTERLY hotwired thinking-process. And by hotwired I mean… holy-fuuuuuuuuuck hotwired! All over the brain. So… a mental-illness you have and a mental illness you have worked with remarkably well in continuing on regardless. It’s… yeah, utterly remarkable, really, what any such sufferer will have achieved. But… to live well with this oddest of odd and complex disorder, you’ve to… trust blindly in a brain that you cannot trust 😊 Til it gets to a mental place where you actually can feel as balanced as possible. And then, well, you just… let your mind let itself relax like it’s alway been wanting to do. Always 💓