It isn’t difficult, to follow that instinct, not for a second. However, I do say that having invested everything in it. The scribbles. And by invest I mean… time. But, funnily enough or not that funny at all actually, I don’t seem to want anything lucrative from it per se. I mean, that’s not my call, not my choice to think that way. So yeah, of course it kills the passion when you add something to it that is used solely to pay for things to survive. But neither would I expect anyone to want to pay. Each to their own and utterly individual. And that’s enough for me. But yeah. I don’t think I want anything all that materialistic, or at least seen to be materialistic with the scribbles. It’s just a means to an end, and as far as I can see, it ain’t bloody ending anytime soon 😊 as far as I can see, I kept bloody digging for something and, finally, I’m just about to get started… for the… 🧐 7’000 time 😆- poem-pieces wise. But, THERE NOT POEMS 😬