It is an unforgettable innings. To’ve created all of those poem-pieces over the past decade and a bit. It really is. And that must be said. To get all of those scribbles out of THAT time in my life and with the OCD along for the ride really is… a miracle, if I’m being honest here. No mind or brain should have to deal with THAT level of mental anguish and onslaught. I never stopped, and never, ever will. I’ll stand-up proud and try and be as crystal-clear and myself with all of the things in my life. I only want to feel okay with the OCD and to feel… a love for things like I always felt was a natural feeling in me ❤️ Over with Phil, Aoife, and Ruzer just there. Ruzer’s fairly tired. Delicious lemon cake made by Phil. Got the ingredients 😋 Home now, watching telly upstairs -ARRIVAL- and chilling. Grabbed Mom and Dad big chocolate bars and had a lovely time last night with them over dinner at Poachers ❤️ Must go for a run later on 🏃‍♀️