There’s a way with the OCD. The only mental way, really. And, somehow, I wanna unearth that in a, let’s say, mentally plausible way for an actual sufferer to… somehow, or at least as well as their imbalanced brain can, actually ‘turn it off’ for themselves. The bombardment of it all, I mean. We know what to do, as sufferers, truly we do… but our brains won’t play ball. Just. Won’t. That’s it, that’s what it will always boil down to, what it always does boil down to for us, because it is so all of the time and always and with each new moment of the day. It’s hard, and it’s unmatched for its horrendous cycle of mental distortion. But I wanna be one of the people who can really, really make the big difference for myself and other sufferers of this mental illness. The further our brains and minds, as a result of the onslaught, fall with this thing the harder to get your life and mind back. But I will never, ever stop trying to help myself and many, many others ❤️