They spoke of him as though it’s all been this enchanting and utterly encyclopaedic end of endeavour and they cannot but dovetail themselves again and force themselves to devour our sense of momentary entitlement and diligence – it’s been blue-winged and it’s been coming at us like a welterweight swelter-belter of breeze in the air someWHERE ON EartH.. have we ever even been with our guns walking and our minds c-h-o-k-i-n-g and all kinds of other abstract spontaneity that can ceaselessly cause senseless terms of endearing nonsense TO BEGIN again?

We write because we can sooth our multiplication of sOuL —

And she likes to paint delicately dIlApiDaTeD daffodils which CONspire to d-r-i-v-e themselves to drown in the kill of the sea. So very well then, shall we all-of-us, actually… just sit RIGHT here as these nakedly suppressed individuals are r-e-a-d-i-n-g and READY(!!) to tWiSt our bleeding fingers and fists togetherAGAIN until —

Something manAGES to make less-than-less kinds of kindly sense of itself – who the hell cares anymore anyway, as it’s ALL of it been… the most mother-fucking mind-numbing(!) rumination in the whole wide-AWAKE(!!) world of ours. Curse them, because she can see almost everything and definitely enough things –

To freeze her (t)rain of antagonised, rAmbUncTioUs AND petrified thought..