With OCD you are pushing for mental survival. That’s it, really. I mean.. yeah… that’s certainly the largest part of it for a sufferer. It’s rather heartbreaking, to be fair, and definitely… a lonesome experience. The last thing any OCD sufferer wants to do is to entertain the imbalance. I don’t even want to mention the thoughts because, well, all thoughts are entirely fictional for there worth, just most people have the part of the brain working properly that can know when to let it alone. Actually, they don’t decide that, even. It’s the mechanisms of the brain that will do that for them, before their mind continues it on. And to be caught in one particular loop of thought for over 2/3s of your life- that’s… Christ, That’s… I still can’t explain it. How it feels. How it turns it all on its absolute head and way, way, waaaay beyond that in terms of the level of mental… dIsComBobUlAtiOn of brain. Imagine a snow globe. All your natural reactions to thoughts, etc.— there they are floating about nice and freely, you perfectly able to see the different parts of your mind working its magic before suddenly moving nicely along in picking another thought to think about. Now. Shake the shit out of that same snow globe and that is your brain now. 🤷‍♂️Cross-firing against your utter will, utterly unable to… well, think straight. The rest? You brain feeding your mind an entirely incorrect interpretation of things: of course that level of fear will send any person to the edge. So, yeah, while the mental mountain you have to climb is quite honestly… I’d truly rather plan and train now for Everest in ten years. Or stick my cock in a blender. Truth. Don’t get me wrong, I love so much stuff but.. this needs fixing. Screw wasted potential, that’s just ego anyhow. I’ll stack shelves and be the happiest man alive if that’s the deal OCD makes with me. So long, of course, as it pisses off for good