You want to create something very good and grand and great, actually. That’s it. And you want to do it free of mind. And you certainly want to do it with you talent intact. With your wits withstanding it all, if needs be, whilst you go deeper and deeper in honing it all back together. Crafting it. Carefully, if needs be that way. Making the words literally feel as though you are actually sculpting something, sculpting them all together, as I said. That’s the aim, to do one thing per time and to, hopefully, get to watch it all make a name for itself with time. The excitement is yours to have and to nurture and handle it. That’s it, really. All you want to do, in the larger scale of things, anyhow. To ceaselessly create something seen-to-be great. And I have been doing just that thing, will undeniably continue to do so. “Siiiiiuuuu!!” 😂 💪