I do honestly wonder how the fuck I didn’t lose my mind, still haven’t, with the OCD. You really cannot make it up, what this imbalance does to a person from start to finish. It’s… despicable that it’s something people have to live with. I can’t speak for every other sufferer but what I can say is that it is exactly akin to feeling like you’re living a million different lives inside of your mind, only WHICH ONE IS THE RIGHT ONE… the right way to go. And disaster WILL IN FACT HAPPEN if you do not sort out the problem. That problem? Always and forever, an imbalance of brain shooting the same level of anxiety at a sufferer as if the disaster is in fact actually happening right then inside of their head. What you miss out on is inexplicable but, rest assured, what I have personally done to get back to some semblance of mental ‘balance’, what many people with OCD have done, I’m so very sure, amidst an imbalanced brain is… a miracle in its own right. I know that. Any OCD sufferer will know such a thing, too. You want to make normal day-to-day decisions, to just, well, feel how anyone else might feel, might get the chance to feel, at least. Anyone without OCD and its disastrous brain malfunction.