A hard, narrow and muted swallow, to let him know that silence was the most important thing in the whole unknowing universe right about now
A carefully placed finger – tip to the shhsh’d lip
Two best mates, one forlorn gun twisted ’til dishevelled between these shrinking – violet bodies/barely worth its three inadequate – in – competitive – comparison bullets alone
Six Russian – roulette tricksters with a million treacherous threats up their warlocked sleeves
The dusted, beer – infested table perched right by the middle
And then
A gruffed – up Sergeant will hastily place his mud – encrusted boot atop a final standing chair, concentratedly circle his thumb with unrelenting fingers about to make love to a two-barreled gun
Accuracy is of vital importance right about now
To unjustly thieve two tremendously righteous lives away in a blink and your heart will depart moment – don’t suppose earlier aforementioned gun has a ricochet – system built in about to be magically, fair miraculously implemented?
Indeed it does, just watch these slickened silver – backed triplets give birth to only ever themselves
Spill apart the enemies dutifully aligned everything – sprint to breathe
The more zig – zagged the soldier – salute in this simply fated – to – be perilous instance the luckier the pinball – esque accuracy on behalf
And these prologue smirks are ever – knowing, prepping themselves wholeheartedly to steer a questionably distorted and vilified story toward unfathomably glorious conclusion
When these blood – thirsty boy -wonders got by on a quickfire thump – the – heart presumption