What if wisdom woke itself the **** up again and went into its own case of constant… creative interplay? This brain and it’s disheveled mechanics really has to’ve been

Barking-UP Immediacies of unapologetically noose-laden trees. She’s up at 4in theAM and acting apoplectic as possible, while he tries for YET ANOTHER shuteye sensation of OTT SLEEP. These

Barely reparable/REMARKABLE people with their foot on the gas anyway, paying for their ways with overeager summations. She’s into all kinds of NO-nonsense and he’s been ‘Kissed the Creator’ of all things — “ludicrously lopsided and especially inesCAPABLE.” How, though, to explain the racing PalPaTatIonS insIde Of an Over-the-Bottom brain and its way WAAAAY BACK –

To acting = “almost sensational actually?” She’s erring on waking-UP with PI on her mind and acres of smiles put upon her
Manicured Mathematician’s face. “We haven’t even Waited.. for these people of oCd-PeRsuAsion to try to think in any kind of straight-line ‘cos, Truth Be Blue-Eyes And Beleaguered, it just will not ever get itself to happen against this MistaKenLy mapped horizon of MALadjusted MinD” – even though she’s been going toe-to-toe with the greatest level of selfless self-respect known. Let’s

Opt on everything having its own time and place And let’s UTTERLY US HOPE – “that they stand back happily prepared – to let them FINd their close to imperfectly BraiNs.”