They’ve probably both possibly gotten violent and violated inside of their classified minds. They’ve settled down their unsettled selves yet again and _ thought of the ABOUTS of everybody else.

Seeing solitude rip their minds awaaaay really is: a fake old game of

Good gawwd apprehension. We’ve fallen into hellholes the size of mountain Everest again and brought our best heads with us anyway. Imagine it, though, the inability to feel

As far from AbNorMaL = as humanly possible (!) “They took all of the smoked cigarettes IN THE WORLD and DEAFENINGLY threatened their OCD-mind to the END. Of its illogical tether.” We’ve
Blessed ourselves inside of upside-down churches a billion mile-a-minute times and dreamed of being

DrUnK for the sake of staking our claim On The Brand New DaY(..) There’s an undeniable signature for survival inside of our OCD-minds and it might just make us

“Marvellously effed UP in our own greatest way.” They really didn’t create to die, they created themselves inside — to fly. And make-up for lost time