Depressed each and every day, there did seem to be no way out
Buckets of medication that only ever sent her deeper, made her feel empty inside, even cheaper than she had already been
Keen to find a way out, she picked up the phone one morning and gave the number for a HELPLINE she had written on her wrist a shout
This is what they had to say, “it’s all in your head, the best way to alleviate the pain is to step away from the impending dread”
So this is what she did, but it wasn’t easy, her mind playing tricks on her, with the wrong kind of medication in hand, mouth, she still became angry, felt the utter need to shout
At her mother, her father, her sister, her brother, anyone who would listen really, ’til as soon as people saw her on the street they couldn’t but shudder and turn in the opposite direction, believed her to be a deadly infection
Forty-two now and on she still ploughs, even though all of her friends are gone, on song when it comes to their own life, with family and friends always and forever by their side, while she slip-slides on out of every moment owing to her own personal rollercoaster ride
Will she ever get better, feel like herself once more
If not, I have an eerie feeling that some day soon there will come an all too serious knock on her door
An ambulance
Please God she takes her chance when it comes to those willing to help