The backbones that broke into most people’s Mountain of Mind and made it seem… “fairly inconsequential actually.” They’ve been breathing at a pace of akin to total snail… and

Wreaking unbeknownst havoc on anyone else anyway. She’s fairly determined for the sake of causing us all to stand and sit and kneel and YoYO-eFfECt the **** outta ourselves and in a bestialised instance. We’ve cut the throats of remotely held and captured people, we’ve
Suggested a way-out for them which “NEVER (really) EX!STED.” And why weren’t we willing to let-them-die by fight nor flight but because: “they deserved utter
Upside-down understanding.”

It’s only right for them to Achingly Acknowledge a life led toward total freedom {{ONLY EVER INSIDE OF THEIR DILAPIdated heads}}.” Are they dead, or are they FAAAAAR further along inside of their anti-christ of mind… than we can ever have

Creatively ImAginED for ourselves(????…)