They were never looking for everything
I mean, it seems the whole kitchen sink will, in fact, have to do
And by that I ain’t talking metaphorically either
Well, in a way I am but moreso when it comes to the heady matter of politically speaking
Anyhow, I do think that, all in all, you get the gist
This is it, just the thing
A helping hand without blaspheming them entirely
Fire inside of a homeless belly, minus the abuse – an age-old stigma
Why not try and place yourself in their position if only for a while
Understand that every single decision which they are now forced to make, take, needs to be met with immaculate precision on both our parts
This ain’t rocket-science, my friends
Just an archaic trend gone ferociously wrong
A slice of whatever we might just have placed to one side will indeed turn out to be oh so nice
You see a track-mark on their arm
Whilst I, myself, get to see a man
A woman, crying out for a different kind of attention entirely
An utter necessity to quench that thirst, substitute it with another
They too the ones who do, of course, belong to an ageing mother
An apple of one such eye gone atrociously sour
So, please try and seek one or other of them out
Be coy
No such expectation to scream it high from the rooftops
Ironic, really
This being exactly the place where they always dream of living
So use your other ladders of hope, throw those who truly matter to you a strengthened rope
Not just them, you too will need to cope
We all do
One country and too many divisions
Shouldn’t the Northern divide remain our last bad decision