If there’s a fiasco happening it’s been mapping it’s relic-faced route and talking of truth and utter certainty. She’s always mimicking these diehard fans of plagiarised forgiveness.

She’ll really want to __ get back-to-BESTIALISED-BasIcs if she really wants for this universe to take its thirst and transform it into a whole other thing of circumstantial wherewithal. We’ve even entered all of the upside-wrong passwords and slurred our inebriation of WoBbLeSomE wOrD and if it stILL takes a muscle-of-miracle to make many minds matter again then


__ really have to get to the other-side of uncertainty with this lopsided state of utter determination. To date they’ve been breaking their highly decorated brains to make less-and-less sense of their sTate of IllFATED misrepresentation, even been reported as having been beyond the scope of utter nonsense actually

… … When they didn’t even mean to make it all shape-up and straighten its collar at the curl, that’s when they OFFICIALLY instigated this playful intelligence which sinks-to-swim again within her, AheM…

“Elderberry of Brain(!?)” It’s highly upside-down {now} and officially addicted to itself, even if she’s undeniably the most truthful girl in UTOPIA. They seemed miserly-at-best and BOnKeRs abOuT stalking-for-love at THEIR UTTER TOTAL worst. We actually thought they’d

Managed to CONverse with these stress-filled people while still being able-faced as MERELY manageable. Her tearaway tears, though… and as for THAT tar-faced Imbecile: “they sure don’t make ‘em like they used to do in New York City when the toughest

Evening-times CLOSE-in to confirm themselves to the frightful brim. To everyone else. She’s thinking of borrowing ‘Bojangles’ and Causing it all to GO-UP in a ball of mile-high fire(!) Where she’s been is anyone’s MENTAL guess. Where her one-word tactical approach ———>

Went: “really is as BAD-A-GUESSING-GAME AS ANYONE else’s EVER has been:: over-the-top eMoTioNal and officiating inside of its own MutilAtioN-of-mInD.” When these marvelled-at people do NOT have-a-clue what-to-do with the

Compliments fat and full of fuckSaKe curiousness, this is p-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y when they

Roll-up in a ball of aforesaid flame-happy smoke, it’s a claustrophobic chokehold and she really didn’t mean To Lose The Entirety Of Her
SH!T: “so fucking GODDAMN obliviously… to THE ODDITIES INSIDE OF her {{aforesaid}} MIMICRY-OF-MIND.”