Take the positive out of everything
That’s what the man in the pin-striped pajamas always made sure to sing
When his nearest & dearest were down in the dumps
Up he would jump, pen a poem into a song
Ready to go, smarter than most, forever with a sincere flow
Sang about everything & anything
How the birds in the trees would sing a song all of their own
The blacker than black slaves who never got freed
The smile upon his face explained to all
It was about keeping up with the pace
A face full of tears did nothing but gain an innumerable amount of jeer
The happy man won out in the end
Had many a friend on whom he could depend, a beautiful wife
Inside & out
Able to help each other when times were ‘tough’
This correct pairing turned the ‘rough’ into the smooth with a right kind of attitude
He started to believe in karma
When he smiled through a day suddenly the finer things in life came his way
A house in France owed to chance
A studio where he played a cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’
Because there was a man with a similar plan
With life this musical pairing just ran
When his wife died he did cry
But soon he was back on the horse so to speak
Singing about all of the good times gone by
Soon there were only happy tears flowing from those shark-coloured eyes
He continued to smile every day
What was it that he would say to his now deceased wife
“When you’re down in the dumps, do me this one favour… JUMP!”