The whole congregation kneels rather still and altogether Super – Egoed – these peculiar people have tagged themselves downright separate only ever owing to unmatched distraction
When dire, fiery – eyed desperation takes an unknowing, seriously unsuspecting kind of choke-hold of its lonesome own
Bold and aforementioned desperate enough for them to belatedly bend and kneel for their unaccustomed, perhaps too – late – to – the – table worth
These crushed, abruptly interrupted eyes to the unquestionably distanced soul hurry themselves on up to bless something oh so drenched by sordid upheaval – soon as a bejeweled priest leans poignantly on in – equally strange for its spectacular sentiment as Christ haphazardly placed upon the lingering cross – and carefully whispers to say that these particular prayers shan’t ever see the light of day
And to excuse themselves, please