Constantly numb – undeniably otherworldly announcing this

Lugubrious thing of his, both hers.
This living, seething, pretty blonde-bombshell anomaly
All wild-smiles over a comfortably crazed shoulder – consummately heroic and then some
At one with the plagiarised poets of our wanderlust days
His playfully skilled instillation, reinterpreting these things which forever treasure and fail to matter the least since the miserly malcontent beginnings
Remotely controlling – these Bradford City Beatnik person’s who have long-last usurped the truth within this viciously cyclical underbelly of satisfactory corruption
A crying time-frame crashed ‘n’ cracked thanklessly against these sophomore explosions of theirs, that conversational masterclass of tick-tock timepiece encapsulated ours … where there is a way …
Indeed, figuratively speaking, no room for any such abstraction anymore
Abhor to eventually implore
All of the reckless and rather resolute are ready again – Steady-faced ’til posthumously eager

This is the
blue-thumbed breadwinner of … her own dastard-handed guise. Both his, a signature of their very own upside-down workings… pl-ease, let. it. breathe.

Challenging a perception of reality again, the abstraction of the loose-handed language has rendered him beneficially in-sane

Gathering themselves together – to/get/her

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