Three weeks, no food, no conversation, no nothing
Getting by on a wing ‘n’ a prayer ‘cept for the glaringly obvious fact that he’d a home right at the end of the road
Just something, anything… to explode his personality all over again, drill him full of inspiration
Fire, PLEASE GOD, inside of a hungry, about to be utterly malnourished with time, belly
Fair’s fair, all of the above in the name of charity
But he could never know just how downright harrowing this particular take on one such life would get to be
“Welcome to your humble abode, your Majesty… .”
Ban Garda all in jest, intently well aware of his musical rep.
“Why thank you, Fiona. But what do I do now… sit it out in a corner alone!?”
She smiles, realising that this, his latest eager stint, will either break him or send him for miles entirely
He smirks on back, well aware of the situation he has set for himself
Think you need to delve a little deeper, dear boy!
You just don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, this a pair of authority-driven people who have been fully informed not to do this by half
… Day#1
One evening in and you’d swear to God he’d already grown thinner
A learned mind solemnly fastened upon dinner
No such luck, tuck on into the paltry stew and two bare carrots at your disposal
I propse this, why not fix your eyes upon finding something a little or a lot more advantageous to do
Heck, perhaps a few too many sit-ups to settle an all too common middle-aged belly
Don’t fret, they still chat about you upon the telly, just not in your honour no-more
Dedicated to a fair mound of people who cannot but abhor your left of centre decisions
False precision up inside of a local prison, they scream!
No need to ignore… and now I see you upon the floor, pouring on into an autobiographical book or ten
… Day#11
Eleven days in and you miss the din
Only ever going on up inside of your head right this minute
All you ever get to hear are haphazardous jeers, all in the name, rather embarrassingly, of where to point the finger of blame
When it comes to a seriously inept failure to alert the public of a rather charitable endeavour
Seems you may well have done, but they never took it far enough themselves
But you don’t get to know…
Fastened to that floor all the more
Unable to sleep, let alone so much as a delectable snore
Insomia can indeed send some people insane, so past offenders do indeed say
Ban garda strolls a little or a lot closer, watches that genius mind unravel
Nobody to tell even if she longed to; seeing as she never lent herself to being a fan
… The Last Day
One last day and your once impeccably delivered words appear to have become altogether slurred
Then, just when she starts to turn the key, you lock your eyes in her every direction, before falling in a heap upon your favourite floor
All over again
Those who do, in fact, adore you will indeed be sure to drop a flower on into your grave
Think it’s fair to say that you did your time, were extremely brave
Goodbye great musician, poet, whatever you might like to call yourself
We only ever get to remember a certain disheveled prisoner tagged rather lonesomely by the number seven