EpicALLy ulterior and they appear widely recognised for their ultra-emotive state of forbidden desires – they sit and stand and chat by a fire Of Iconoclastically FANtastic people, actually: “all happy and sad and a little big bit of this in-Between happenstance that’s been happening; we DO stand and WE WILL witness And Deliver(DELVE dogDAMNIT!) it at slow-AND-EQUALLY sprinting p—-ace

THERE IS a tonic-of-taste(tOxIc, per se.) which races insurmountable and courageously within – these heartfelt individuals of all time and other transcendental Elements

Of… “emotional spontaneity, actually!” They close their eyes and a-c-t all surprised And Superior whenever REALLY we seem to find

A pot of gold at the end of their eventual rain-blow: all flurried up in conservative and coerced CONversations again – waiting right here: with their wary AND wide-eyed Pen
He is the zen and it scratches its every itch with said pen