We took something otherworldly universal and traded thirsts for the sake of shaking-it-aLl-Up yEt AgaIn. “We’ve got ourselves outlandishly determined to outlast, outcast, these h!dden reprobates with BEDRIDDEN minds for awfully upside-down wings.

If they start to stand still and hold All Of Their best BreaThS we might may us just AS WELL — “call them calculated versions of their previously misplaced selves.” What they did is its own-time-and-pace of purest procedures. And if they really wanna understand the hardship inside of a jUmBlED-UP, Cocaine-ENCRUSTED MIND they’ll need to MIGHT HAVE TO wait… … and WANT to —

Talk about rabbiting-on like a bunch of sunken-ship heroes. They were, in fact, rather relatable zeroes who did not even know the score of everything ELSE with a thrashed thread attached which stILL sings. “And if they REALLY didn’t have the tenacity at-hand then they wouldn’t have been given their time

To unwind-unravel remarkably idiosyncratic minds.” Beforehand (they’d been) judged-to-become these festering versions of audible persons, they ——-—— ear-ached themselves TO-DEATH by utter {*******} mistake. And what does it (actually) take

To break a brain back to life? Most definitely // A Hundred-Thousand Million-And-One
UnderCuRreNtS Of UttEr fUcKinG outlandishly unCERTain fUn.”