Their bite is FAR better than their halfarsed portrayal.. to another such place of e-p-i-c AND outRAGEous (MIS)fortune, actually. These ARE the vagabond DaZe of ALL-SORTS of emotional BlIsS: this is NOT it, not ANYTHING.. else, in fact. What we HAVE done is that we have..

After-all, after Everything ELSE: ably e-n-t-i-c-e-d ourselves and to the nth degree of crystalCLEAR FICTITIOUS-diction.
It is… the rub of the layabout lamp, the really-ALL-oughta-have-been sent to this interpretational place.. …

Where word would have it THAT, roundabout where-IN these tantalised pARTS
These encyclopaedic people are borrowing every-next-minute and with THIS delicately fictitious aforeMENtioned d-i-c-t-i-o-n of Theirs————-

So very exceedingly s-u-p-r-e-m-e that we cannot but E-N-T-I-C-E the wine to our LAYABOUT lips and layabout DiNe like our minds are On-FIRE(!!!) –

and, all awhile, her smile tended to send them to the back of the beyond AND beneath the behind.. …

It ALL… sits a dedicated AND DIDACTIC DIREctor who w-i-l-l PROceed with professional discretion—- — >>

AND suitably direct: the WHOLE SCOPE OF THEIR TRAINED lens until, it majestically m-e-e-t-s WITh the eagle-eyed shape

Of their greaTEST masterpiece and IMMEDIATELY at-the-middle(!!)

“See… he’s been waiting for this with his fingers TwIsted around the pUlsAtiNg neck of these particular people with their endless levels of

—-rage-filled disRESPECT