You’re simply ferocious, the most gargantuan thing we may have ever seen
Unbelievably otherworldly, entirely disarming when plied aside this altogether contagious charm of yours
Desperate armies will fall and bathe by the blasphemous beauty of your seemingly silkened empire – this particular fire burns intricately deep, hot balls of flamboyant deceit
We tremble when we speak because to laugh would be to play right into your cloak-and-daggered hands
You’re our man and we just cannot take our tired eyes away, to do such a thing would have us pay for all our sins – seems a thin and frightful line lies dangerously between who to and who not to blame
We’re meticulous geniuses can’t you simply see
Well, relatively speaking at least – there’s a method to our generalised madness, God forbid when aforementioned madness takes it upon said self to hone on in
Guess who’ll be tremblng then…
See this peculiar pen, it will make your eyes dance in a manner which you and yours never could quite imagine for yourselves
When the beautiful tragedy came to town and amounted to unequalled everything – remember everywhere’s local for someone
Been scintillating far too long, albeit heartbreakingly restrained
Crying out loud but about to cope and explode like never before
Oh so naturally stored within, he’s his own biggest and smallest fan in the whole known world, smouldering in blue
And who knew, everyone it seems