Problematic, supposedly so
These precious, seriously behemoth somebody’s are severely prone
To juxtaposing the whole entire thing for its notoriously tumultuous worth alone
One fast, mammoth throat-punch, as opposed to a petty little quiver on the other far less superior person’s half
When Sonny Liston came to be conquered
Have an audience’s stop-start heart to set yourself genius part
Seems your words aren’t your only lucrative device of rather troublesome sorts – you fought for all of these Black Panthered individuals extraordinaire
Fought like a movie-star – Agh… there you are!! – no real necessity for any kind of an editing process whatsoever
The unabashed treasure, a diamond that hurts to simply glimmer
And now, even if your beautiful mind oft than not feels shot to smithereens – bashed to memory-defying shit, fails to find that natural-born rhyme again…
We will sit and wait in these tapestried wings forever for only ever you