A window which did not know its own sense of suffering/ in a most defining and utterly purposeful instance- of fazed-out faces of stay-put pEoPle: they DO seem to have moved about the whole WIDE-AWAKE width of said pUlSaTiNg window-sill
With their wits and minds

Ultimately s-p-l-i-t. At the meaningful seams, and it DOES IN-FACT seem as if… every next shadow-casting sense of suffering IS supposed to make… THIS particular window feel

… … “decidedly dIsHeVeLlEd and deliriously TwISted!” To within a ghostly-both-GHASTLY inch of its famously framed being – as this momentary painter takes a d-e-e-p and meaningful BrEaTh!!

… …. And enthusiastically prepares himself to rush his favourite paintbrush againstThe face of SAID fazed-out windowsill —

By these heaven OR H-E-L-L(!) people of past-tEnSe proprietorship: from another time, another era, another realm of fast-thinking comprehension, perhaps.

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