1) That momentous occasion was both courageously implanted and graciously implemented by all wayward manner of whimsical upheaval

2) Those are the same sane and laughing, hard-happy people who will suitably remain within the four walled corners of The Marriott motel: and magnanimously married to their spilt wine glasses, for better or way worse st-ILL.

3) As the attractive abstract Art that once upon belongs to marvelous Matisse manages to meaningfully matter yet again

4) And all-while a blaze of opinionated thunder blitzes softly against… this warbling and punch-drunk widow’s about-to-be obliterated window.

5) Oh, what a wondrous pain to have momentarily seen a way into her picture-frame soul, though? Yes. We will have to need to know! What she supposes to propose this time

All egos valiantly combined.. admittedly refined and re-actively refurbished by Life.

Henceforth, spilt (BLOOD) red wine.