It’s been fine, thanks a helluva Not…
… For it appears I took more than most from this fair un-insatiable thing
We’ve been altogether wrongfully tapestried
To a point of bewilderingly unjustifiable upheaval, per say
– thieved immediately away these creative minds
Of quite fantastically ours to attempt to put Parker pen to steady-fingered paper
and simply be only so much as relatively humble
Who actually knew… ’til now
You aside your poison-faced about-to-be beheaded chosen few individuals it tirelessly tends to never end
Placed us so far from touch – we seem to have been placed left-of-centre field
Blowing haphazardly against…
these ferociously sent to repent winds of envious theirs
At gladdeningly, seriously unlearned will
Like a cranium-waved pull to the cruxifying elementary school pill, stilling these prioritised eyes
– ’til irretrievably, irreversibly Frozen-Eye disguised
– – – > Even Mine
In a most unflavoursome manner…
… Of which angle do we turn our bedraggled heads in now!?
Plough said wish-washed minds rightfully…
yet again Say When
Against this troublesome, all too juxta-sup-posed tide of only so very little as yours