They’ve evenly taken themselves to the edge of ultimate and outrageous misfortune – they’ve watched wildfires burn to warm AND EaRn(!) their whole wide(EYED!) eARTh: albeit a seriously separate thing

Of fine winds and fine W(h)INE EVENINGTIMES- it shares itself with all of the RightKindsOfPeOpLe. PlayFULLY ESTRANGED AND dist-annnced(!!) from everyone else, who’ve been ——

Acting the absolute maggot INFACT- and for a 3rd-TiMe TOO-MANY, indeed- as their needs became absolutely, UNDENIABLY(!) Peripheral

Soon as his eyes have found the time to find another way to say
“A million meaningful things- been BLEEDING to feel…
R E A L and (He) ultimately achieved this ALL: Amidst THE MOST IMPROBABLE mental IlLnESs known to ANYMAN.”

He IS a miracle but he NEEDS to move Away

From hostile futility- these plain mundane people Of paralysing emptiness and other sadly defining things. With cigarettes on their BrEatH and absolutely NOTHING-ELSE

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