I wondered why
Why I was wasting my time, haplessly wedged with no place to go
Many a place probably but this appeared to appeal to me
Deep down, too deep to see
These people, perfect fodder although it might destroy me
Ramblings put paid to a thousand times before
Staring at this woman without wretching, I imagined her to be yesterdays-whore
Fodder, not now but in a few days
In between too much fun in the sun, sand with a randon girl
Not the whore, Christ no!
Heard it all before, ten years ago
However none of that stopped me coming back for more
A snorefest when it came to the fella on my other shoulder, beer-breath looking to impress
So do my time, share a few, pay for my crime
Or do these two think the same of me, there two sides to every coin