About as much fun as a shitstorm
An alienated personality, no longer sedated, no more excuses there, the medication gone, a prescription to Rivotril turning out all the way wrong, bringing with it only despair
Really, brinking on elated, but something needed to give, his young mind tip-toeing a minefield, a sive when it came to important information, things he wanted to know
This, over the decades, having gnawed away at his soul, led to a fair degree of understandable frustration
A mile behind the rest but all the more adamant on making the right kind of an impression
People must come into his life, a girlfriend perhaps, someone who he could devote himself to, love her with all of his heart, wouldn’t hurt one bit, of course, she appreciating him all the more for his supposedly fine art
A star was born, and now it really was high time he started to defuse this ensuing shitstorm