Some will say by absolute chance, that it all seemed to happen for us in an ungodly instance but I won’t believe that, not one bit
Far too much time put in, although a surefire sin of sorts, a hardened band sadly missing this… missing that… alcohol addiction sneaking on in, playing it’s all too interrupting part
Hats off to the boys though, empty times too but, all in all, a memory bank placated with a mesmerising degree of joy
Of course we had a ploy, had to have had, trained musicians with their eager, soleless feet dug deep in the sand, perhaps with a helping hand from a rapturous fanbase
Soon they would get what they were wholeheartedly longing for, to see the famous faces who’d been learning all along, constantly replenished armour that little bit stronger, mistakes would be made, the advocate in the group feeling the outright need to have her mind boggling say
When you so get to have your day it ain’t always going to be easy, no such thing, but now I do sing for the masses, garnering the undivided attention of teenagers who tap their feet mid early-morning classes, what dreams are surely made of, when push truly comes to shove