I’ve been an optimist for far too long a time
Need to see what’s real
Settle myself on down, drop the rhyme
Close that particular chapter
A different kind of laughter altogether necessary
Begin all over again
Blessed trimmings, swim on into the eye of your ferociously telling storm
Some reason, I’ve a strange feeling it’s oh so warm right now
Warm my every goddamn cockle, why don’t you?
Left my one horse town long a time ago, created, so much as fabricated, my very own walls
Trust me, none of it ever gets to fall…
Disposed of all that came right at me – remarkably predisposed
A great and courageous degree of fate all courtesy of my late grandaddy
Faith in everything you may ever take it upon yourself to heap upon my licked-clean plate
And now we wait it out, regardless of your very own straight-jacket
For I am the one with the key aside immaculate precision