Her natural curiosity killed ten million weather mangled cats til upped sophomore sticks

And she met her fine, fine and utilised self by the settled against supreme middle – she sits and whistles amidst this flotilla Heat, til sipping and witnessing every other person’s most beautiful parts indeed

She is, stressed colloquially unto herself, finely cut from raggedly rough diamanté and an entirely authenticated art piece of her bespoke ‘n’ stagger-daggered own

Each of one piercingly delightful to behold to the accepting other, yet she is simply … radiantly … burning hot Amber Sun otherworldly

And in a creatively sensational, soliloquy guided against nutshell – soon as they all fell ferociously away from themselves and she reimbursed our thirsty thirst … To go
All over again

Her pen speaks fucking volumes, yet she couldn’t care less for you to listen anymore

This has forever of a day been just her