Her astute derrière dereliction will simply need to be – open-ended and altogether promiscuously well pressed

Against his sumptuously set underbelly/overhead feed

He feels all of these momentarily outlandish things
Begging for
Nakedly suggestive anything…
Grabbed and twisted from
Teenaged unknowing nothingness

Craving all that they can, and shall indeed have, and a whole lot more… jovially, fair awes-worthy stored

The twinkle in her starstruck eyes says it all, really

A tattoo to portray her absolute passively neglectful re-awareness to his sullenly trepidatious cause

Needy above anything else
she sold her soul
To the band member devil
Swarmed to flame outrageously within

By now – utterly accustomed, shrug a kissed shoulder She