Yes! There is this distinguishing feeling of endlessly eNtaNgLeD bLiSs, actually, and it seems to have been —

A far and fetched, w-r-e-t-c-h-e-d little BIG BASTARD thing(!) of aforeMENTIONED endless possibilities. We have drawn our next best bReAtH and presented ourselves… …

Just to very well
To be honestly prepared: to stare these inner-most demons immediately IN THEIR THEORY OF screaming F-A-C-E(!!) It HAS matteroffact(!) been a long-lasting bAtTlE between:

Man AND MinD: as the latter part failed to mEaNder MEANingFULLY and in ALL OF THE CORRECT DiReCtIoNs(…)

This Is THE ultimate discretion, which he WILL whisper at will… they, WON’T they, though.. w-i-s-h to EVEN SO MUCH AS l-i-s-t-e-n(?)

Probably NOT, but that is utterly OK, actually, beCAUSE: the cause of his cRAwl back to LiFe has unequivocally BEEN—-

THE greaTEST test of the GREATEST diamondInTherOuGh to have EVER toughened it out:

The truth is about: to bring his homecoming mind back to a plACE of irreparABLE happiness, actuALLy(… …) Yet we very nearly lost him To ALL of nothing.

Pen… Page… … AND S-T-A-G-E(!) For he is about to wager a bet
Prioritised and PURELY put upon: his greatest living, sEeThInG masterPEACE(!)