She stood there, staring over, but her looks were so ravishing I really couldn’t be too sure
I remember it like it was now, right now
I wish
Such perfect legs that I had to halt my mind from sprinting away from itself
Even her dress spoke to me, the only thing really
Enough though
With lips like that, a sumptuous pose, she could have had me in an instance
I knew she could talk too because I watched her earlier on, bend every single word to her will
Brilliant, in just one word
To hold her hand, can you even begin to imagine what people might say, the kind of looks we might get
I did
All of this building up inside of my head as I tried to grapple with the chances of her strolling on over
Those Ray Bans – red – hiding any sign of a hangover
One thing I knew above all else, that this woman liked to burn the candle, and it had indeed been a heady weekend
As soon as she turned her back she sent me into oblivion
I await your decision with open arms
Please come to your senses some day soon and learn how to depend upon me
Forget what they say, you’re eye candy and far, far more