Terribly able albeit utterly creative
Sedated all of the day long, to a rather atrocious degree of boiling point
No ointment will ever do
Chew the fat of the land, a deft hand entirely dependent upon his a.m. storm in a coffee cup
Fragrant bringings atop a million-and-one misgivings
Dashings of enticement
Sprinklings, no such shrinking violet, bi-polar-esque excitement
All over the place
Ridiculously drunk, our bohemian-chic punk with a paintbrush
Oft out of touch, so far from prolific it’s sick
Etchings in the name of art
Start all over again, stretch that imagination oh so carefully, never too far
Earmarked, up there on an excruciating par with the likes of V. Van Gogh
A serindipitious albeit at times flailing flow
Sow your goddamn seed, Master
Remember to remind yourself to breath all over again
Just one glorious stroke and the whole world chokes
Both tears of fear and longing
This is your forever-fruit to bare