He has been perilously stolen away at ferociously unjust will
Still here, still barely-there breathing to sizeably beat this manic thing
With devil horns stitched, stressed upon so very nauseatingly strong
Take a mere moment to place yourself down upon and sit with Just Him
He’s been insurmountably keen to take you immediately on in, to prove this righteous difference – oft terrifically downsized – from the rest
To standalone impress those forever near and dearest to only ever him
He holds beautifully concocted birds quietly swarmed within his soliloquy sleeves – they feed his everything, until
Soon as you say so, he shall soar akin to none other you may have ever peeled these pretty little eye-lids wide open and allowed yourself to finally see
You throw papier-mache money at each other, whilst he throws gladragged words at all of the others