There is this sense of sweetly sincerest developmental appropriation – a mind-boggling dissociation which plainly owes Itself to these purposely placed peripheral people – and it isn’t difficult to ImagInE ThEm, actually
With their CALMIFIED eyes enticed by all that they SEEm to rapidly-both-RADICALLY achieve to see – all these customary and rather OFTEN obnoxiously pUlSaTiNg cOnVeRsAtiOnS taking plACE inside of these vIbRaTiNg households… each of their own home blown entitlement indeed

Which w-i-l-l collide and catch kite in equal measurement(just as the juxtaposition wishes itself so VERY well); these people are pleading with HELPING(!)themselves time again AND AGAIN(!)…

and, ABOVE all else, HOPING That everything (Eventually) turns itself to purchasable G-O-L-D(dust) BY THE END OF EQUILIBRIUM
Yes, he’s been MEANing to feel it for a very long time now

… or so, the rumination “GOES!”

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