And the deepest, most knowing breath has beneficially been taken – and this shall simply be, minus any such derogatory curtailment

Meant to amount to all of entirely everything, she sings when she is sinning, because it all starts to make unparalleled sense again

And we laugh heartily hard, amidst this his unmatched creation – a mind slows it’s unfashionably unfathomable pace, to meet our lacklustre literary endeavour and to take it on a whirlwind fabrication

This is easy, because he did the sentence of an altogether separate, jail-crime kind

The silver lining is something unexplainable – deafeningly over-embellished by the sugar-coated indicative detail to freeze frame movement
He sees it in a manner of theatrical pulsation which most can only ever begin to attempt to dream of

And, Yes, he deserves it – made the cut, everyone’s pointing at the sky screaming the end ain’t nigh… it’s coming

Still frightened by this brand raw new reasoning
Imagine simply that,
because he did it to the crucifying bone to catch back the scripture

If there was in fact a God then why was his ass the perfect height for kicking

And now it gets to be ink-spiller upright, silkenly exceptional, fair evenly brought together by the thankful apple of his brain-trained eye

When she rolls the mind-alteringly irrational dice and comes up trumps
Card sharks extraordinaire and the glares are pleasingly piercing, yet they cannot quite unearth their buried egos
Wherever did it shrink to go…

To humble pastures, where heroes store themselves in watered waiting –

He burnt the whole house down and built it right back together via a twisted cigarette crutched right by

Of course he will cry, only you and your stigmatised few never get to let yourselves see it
Deep, when really he is anything but

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

And an alarmingly paradoxical entity falters to fail, waves goodbye
The foe hidden exceptionally within, who couldn’t but propose to suppose to become a forever friend
When ‘genius’ permits a way out from under beneath

He Is, simply this living seething boomerang-boned thing

And then some