That sense of exceptional artistry, of all eyes honorary, disciplined and thinking in a most advantageous manner perhaps . A commonplace contemplation and all-round commitment to the pause-for-thought cause … and their attrition-like wishes to break with age-old tradition .

Here we will stand with a harpoon of conversational ammunition – and wishing to cause a cornered concentration of distinguished agony to these vainglory individuals of over-implicit perfectionism and unpardonable hierarchy .

Until their hands are tied, their maligned minds finally brought back to life… Or at least something resembling peaceful insinuation yet again

A Zen-like atmosphere that cannot but be stabbed and punctured at the restorative core .. however abstract our treasured message may remain to them and their ill-fashioned sense of belonging to something, ANYTHING … resembling upstanding citizenship .

The high-end art of reaching

For the deepest regions of the darkest heart