She didn’t see it, yet it simply had to have occurred, just must
A time aside a correct and altogether precious place
To finally, all too relievingly, let these demons to oh so quietly rest – unbeknownst albeit, nonetheless, sizably instrumental for its manic worth alone
This sought after silence as opposed to acutely accustomed violence
The bloody prone pretenders who do indeed tend to take it unjustly upon themselves to choose to swallow her whole, toy with her everything when everything appears to mean abso-fucking-lutely everything
‘Til it so soon and suddenly becomes eerily nothing – in a thinker’s controversial blink of a crying waterworks eye
Perhaps all of the right kinds of sentimental for now
Say when and our courageous girl will step on up to the lavish fore once more
These frozen tears were only ever meant to dry themselves reawakingly all of the way out so you know
To wear her favoured attire – a glistened gold broached necklace courtesy of Granma and delicately pinned to her beat again chest – the radiant heirloom to poach the racer-boys away and to equally settle lacklustre souls – t’was a romanticised life she forever dreamed of
To have, to silently hold – not a whisper let alone a shrieking whimper from aforementioned said demons
Who will, rest assured, still take it heavily upon themselves to breathe fire
Although, as we say, perhaps just a little quieter this time