It took a little time for me to realise what I was doing but as the weeks wore on, the rhyme got to reaching me, I could see that this was where I was meant to be, reading for the masses, or not so much, either way I’d give it my best shot, sit it out at home, come up with an all too enticing plotline
A fine kind of a crutch, where the poems I feel the need to read keep me in good company, people moving about the bookshop who got to play a part in each one of those poems
About a man who fought a dangerous case of cancer, now more than able to sit down and see if the boy in front of him was in fact a real poet or no more than a run of the mill chancer
A poem about an exuberant man with just one plan, to read my poems, let people in, make mine a winning concoction
“A poem with you in it”
This was it, a real chance to shine, even if only for a short time, to go about showing them all exactly what it is I can do, and even if that may mean only a few of you leaving with a sense of pride I’ll still have done my bit, the complete opposite of backing away, no such place to hide