Gregory Pickering sure did believe that he could sing
But, really, he could not
Not. One. Bit, in fact
No such thing as an also-ran in this over-eager world of ours
They can absolutely go fish
Needless to say it, but there does tend to be those remarkable few and far between truly adamant on catching their lifelong dream
Sucker-punched? Then why not try, try again
Although, I do rather pity the inept fool who does stretch himself too much
Intent entirely on throwing the whole kitchen sink at it et al
You will indeed require your wits about you, a backbone utterly second-to-none
That cannot, will not, crack however hard they might like to try and take you down
Then again, who the hell am I to talk!!?
All I have so far to speak of is my name – a replica, no more, no less – chalked in white, glorious albeit, upon a popular cafe owner’s blackboard
Although, as things stand, I really do hope that she hasn’t grown all too bored herself
Here’s hoping above all else that I haven’t, in fact, created for myself a short and fickle rope
I honestly don’t know if I could cope
Could you!?