She waits while enduring the whole nasty process, an eager ear pressed to the ceiling to feel it
Every next shuddering, unasked for bit
A father who Will kill if needs be, unfastened and left to his own unsightly devices
He’s taken to pushing her floundering mother a lot lately – the treasured sister, adored Auntie, silenced aside forever lost in one or other lonesome corner daughter
A wide-eyed lamb feeling the eerie slaughter each groped throat per agonised time
This little girl will need to touch as opposed to simply aforementioned feel, for she cannot fail to partake anymore – for all of these pained sentiments surrounded altogether unrighteously by blasphemous statement shall weaken her already wavering-about-to-wander backbone
When she finally felt the fear, whistled near a father’s naive ear and cracked his very own throat ’till but a twisted and remote mess upon a floor of broken-boned nothingness
These dreams will need to save themselves