Nobody seems to be reading but I just don’t care anymore
Seems the poetic process with its surprisingly mathematical degree of elimination – plied aside altogether polymath precision – may have absolutely snared me
Then there are those telling few who do, in fact, choose to read what I write
Nonetheless, not so much I
Fair few too who have taken it entirely upon themselves to even so much as envelope me
Can’t say fairer than that, a rather shockingly supportive fire set rather alarmingly alight – coaxing me right from my bed far back as the early a.m.
Setting flame all over again to my wanderlust belly
Simple as this, all it will ever really get to be is a near middle-aged nobody and his wayward pen
Attempting to create, sedate, then… go all over again
Cheers, hand on my heebie-jeebies heart, you’ve somehow managed to set me proudly apart
No strings attached
Although, there is this tiny matter of a rather essential price-tag