Commissioning a poem from AKA Brian takes three simple steps

STEP 1: Contact Brian about your wish to buy a personalised poem either by mail or mobile

STEP 2: Brian will meet with you (if this is your preference) and go about creating suitable questions regards the person, business, etc. for whom your particular poem is intended. Above all else, there are no set ways for either of you to approach this, only to trust in him one hundred percent and to absolutely enjoy it as part of the whole process

STEP 3: You answer the questions at your own pace – long or short, it is entirely down to you – and simply return your answers to Brian for him to get going on your very own personalised poem masterpiece

Finally, sit back and prepare to blow your friend’s socks off on delivering your brand new personalised poem to them, and get to be the stand-out present-giver for the occasion  🙂

*The price for a beautifully bespoke and carefully crafted poem/story/rhythm-based, sophisticated word tumble is €200