Set it alight like never quite before, and, so you do know, it has to be fantastically sobering and undeniably righteous

Yes, it is worth the whole snide world and a helluva lot more, in-store – they’ve been eagle-eye watching you and absolutely setting fire to your witnessed procedure

It’s pretty damn marvellous actually, yet something just has to give a little take a lot …

Root yourself to this beautifully earned, forgiving, aside outrageously outlandish spot and replicate every single other mammoth task asked for

They will play with your sprinted words – with time – and, perhaps, they may just delete via literary inadequacy and that is utmost O-K – she reads and simply sees a way with every utterly preordained word

Absurd and mind-toggling for its bravened, breakneck-speed worth

Did they ever even reckon upon the bare-faced fact that you are undoubtedly, fair preposterously, the main pretender out there?

That your honest to goodness unacademic debate can and will purposefully snare it all til no less heightened managing to bring it – and yes, you’re literary worst is possibly their fabricated best yet

Better out there, and they shall unearth the carpet – tug the rug – and bring it back to learner life again

Diverse – in a clusterfuck word atop ten million

Always happy with a manner of cheek ‘n’ tongue adequacy – never saw you coming did they though?

The compliments are rife, uncertain talent strife
Unknowingly perfectly perched
Turn yourself off, please…